Integr8 Research

Integr8 Research is a new music research company built on a 30-year foundation of giving clients confidence in choosing new music.

Integr8 Research is the successor to Core Call Out Research, which came to life in the 1980s to give radio stations new music intelligence focused on the listeners that mattered most. Until that time, callout research generally only required respondents to be weekly cume listeners to their client stations.  Core Call Out focused on each station’s “core” P1 audience, as well as more targeted demographics, to ensure stations understood the music tastes of the listeners that drove ratings success.

Now, Integr8 Research is an independent company devoted exclusively to new music research.  We understand how daunting and confusing it can be to make sense of all the information you have about new music. We’re the only company whose team is dedicated to helping you make sense of that information and have confidence you’re picking the best songs for your station.

Becky Pohotsky

Vice President, Operations

Becky’s future in radio literally hit her in the head: At age four, Becky was in a car accident and her head crashed into the car radio. By her teenage years, Becky was working at her school’s FM station and as an intern at WFNX Boston. After on air and programming roles at WBRU Providence, WMRQ Hartford, WLZX Springfield, Massachusetts, and WGIR-FM Manchester, New Hampshire, Becky became Program Director for WURH Hartford. Becky joined Coleman Insights in 2010, where she helped launch Integr8 New Music Research. At Integr8 Research, she combines her love for music and radio with her love of data and figuring out the “why” behind it. Becky has a degree in Public Policy from Brown University.

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