New Music Research

It’s another week. Another music meeting. The five powers and seven secondaries you pick will make up half your total programming. You look at streaming and see a ton of new releases that don’t sound like your station. You look at peers’ playlists and see the same old songs for months. TikTok? What’s even happening there? You can’t do this alone. You need real research. Integr8 New Music Research tells you which songs your listeners know and love and which of those songs are most relevant today.


Engaged Real Listeners… Not Just Local Respondents

We find real listeners in your market who really do listen to your radio station. Some are your biggest fans, whose TSL most impacts your AQH share. Some prefer your competitor but could become your P1s with the right music.

Our customized screening criteria carefully examines your ratings, market dynamics, and your strategic goals to determine exactly which listeners’ tastes matter most. For most stations, that means focusing only on P1 listeners to you and your direct competitors. We then guarantee those sample specifications in every report. With Integr8 New Music Research, you don’t get filler, you get fully engaged listeners.

Many Ways to Find Your Listeners

We don’t rely on only one way to find your listeners. Integr8 New Music Research finds your listeners on home phones, online and—like Nielsen Audio—on their cell phones. This triple-source recruitment ensures we find the most complete sample of your audience.


Only Real Listeners Evaluate Your Music

We don’t merely make sure listeners really are who they say they are, we also ensure they really are paying attention to evaluating your music. Every respondent must meet at least 17 quality control metrics to make it into your Integr8 New Music Research report.


Advanced Insights Help You Pick the Most Impactful Songs

If you’re used to simple rankers, your first Integr8 New Music Research report might seem like a lot to digest. That’s because our insights go well beyond just popularity.

  • With songs blowing up online weeks before they hit radio, you also need to know which songs are culturally relevant. Our proprietary Hitcycle® tells you clearly which songs are still huge and which songs are already old news.
  • Fit finds the songs that listeners love and that define your station in the landscape of your market competition.
  • Detailed breakouts help you spot songs that polarize your audience versus songs that enjoy universal appeal.

Finally, our role doesn’t end when your reports arrive. As new music research specialists, we’re here to help you understand your report, discuss new music trends, and help you integrate the other ways you evaluate new music, from streaming data to your instincts.


Reliable Results. On Time. Every Time.

We know you can’t reschedule your music meeting because your research isn’t ready. We make sure you receive your reports on time, week after week.

To Learn more about how Integr8 New Music Research can help your station, contact us